Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is effective non-invasive method to breakdown fat deposits and reduce cellulite.

When exercising or diet does not help, ultra sound cavitation is the best way to solve a cellulite problem. Ultrasonic Cavitation is new non-invasive technology that is using narrow frequency ultrasonic waves to breakdown unwanted fat cells. Fat cells get dissolved and absorbed into the blood stream and then excreted in your urine.

Treatment starts with selected body area and is conducted in circular movement of applicator in the selected body area. Treatment duration for each target area can be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on size and thickness of the fat layer.

Areas that can be treated by ultrasonic cavitation include:
• arms- inner arm, back arm, full arm (no elbows, or wrist areas)
• abdomen- upper, lower
• love handles
• buttocks
• thighs- front, back, inner, outer
• back area- bra line, lower back (Not near the spinal areas)
• calves
• ankles

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Liposuction work in similar way. Ultrasonic field creates vibration in cells of specific type (fat cells) as result content of the cell gets hot and cell membrane brakes down. Ultrasonic cavitation is completely safe, and does not require any pre-treatments with no downtime. For best results 6-12 sessions are recommended with 1 week intervals between treatments on each area.

Treatments may be enhanced in combination with the use of infared sauna, for a faster result to remove the extra waste and toxins, burning up to 600 calories in one 20 minute session .
Treatment does not require anesthesia as procedure is painless for most clients. Some discomfort and temporary redness may appear for short time. A “ringing in the ears” is common while treatment is preformed due to the ultrasonic radio waves in the body resounding. Drinking 1 ½ liters of water both before and after the treatment will eliminate any red spots in treated area.

Some contraindications apply, please discuss your clear medical history with your beauty therapist and or medical professional for individual suitability of this treatment.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cellulite Removal
• Improve blood circulation & lymphatic system
• Promotes elastic effect to the skin texture
• Body shaping and tightening skin
• No surgery / No pain
Ultrasonic Cavitation is the only proven method to reduce cellulite and tighten the skin
Areas that may not be treated are:
• Underarms Behind the knees (popliteal) Groin / Testicles Female genital organs Hands Neck Face Head Over any bony areas Contraindicated Areas should not be used on the following areas:
• Contraindications Cardiac patients and those with pacemakers Pregnancy Clients with vascular diseases Clients with thrombosis and / or thrombophlebitis Clients being treated with anticoagulants Clients who have undergone a transplant Clients with large metal implants Diabetics Epileptics Broken skin in the treatment area

Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Pricing

Pricing For Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Treatments Per visit/Per Areas

Packages are available upon request and consultation

• Upper Arms 20 mins $125
Breast fat/ size reduction 60 mins $150
• Love Handles 15 mins $145
• Stomach 20 mins $145
• Stomach & Love Handles 30 mins $265
• Full Torso (Lower back) 40 mins $350
• Buttocks 25 mins $195
• Inner Thighs 25 mins $175
• Outer Thighs 25 mins $175
• Back of Legs 25 mins $175
• Full Upper Legs Combo 60 mins $375
• Calves 20 mins $125
• Ankles 15 mins $80
• Double chin 15 mins $130
• Jowls 15 mins $150
• Lower cheeks 15 mins $150
• Décolletage skin tightening 15 mins $250

Optional Service treatment Enhancement

• One 20 Minute infrared sauna treatment 20 min $20
• Six 20 Minute infrared sauna treatment 20 min $100
• Eye bags/Socket lower/Crow’s Feet (RF skin tightening) Price on consultation
• Neckline skin tightening Price on consultation