Veronica Arne
My 3 sisters and I all had Groupon $189 facials from Go Bella, a total of over $2700 value over 5 months at one a month each. The vouchers only cost $567.00 and we all went and loved our facials and microdermabrasion and LED photofacial treatments. I recommend Go Bella to all my friends and family for the excellent service and warm clean and friendly atmosphere. The beauty Therapist there is kind and knowledgable and busy so we always book in advance on the email as she doesn't take phone bookings. One of my sisters is getting married soon and we purchased the UV GEL Nails DIY kit and all share it with the great colors to choose from. Most of us found Go Bella through previous deals we purchased for eyelashes and when we saw the value of the facial we could not believe our luck. We have all purchased the deal over again after 5 months of consecutive visits to Go Bella. Good luck to this great small business.

Nothing short of perfect 4 facials in a row. My skin is so much more radiant and I have so many comments on my skin glowing these days which never happened before I was a customer at Go Bella. Jennifer is passionate and despite me being late for my appointment, her attitude is without fuss when I called ahead to warn her. And instead of trying to sell me anything, Jennifer gave me an ampoule of concentrated product to help combate dryness caused by heating in winter months; just a gesture of her genuine care for her clients. I like visiting Jennifer; a worldly woman with alot of experience; whose dedication to clients is shown in her results. Thanks Jennifer!

4 months ago

I purchased a voucher to get a set of eyelashes - best thing I ever did. I got them done and my partner commented 'my eyes look brighter'. Being a guy i didn't even expect him to notice - so i was pleased. My friends and colleagues noticed a change, but couldn't say exactly what it was, but i think the best thing was they looked so natural that people didn't reliase they were falsies...people just noticed I looked different. I even went to another salon to get my eyebrows threaded, and they commented on how great the lashes were! to quote them ' I don;t think we could ahve done better ourselves - where did you get them done?'
I'm so happy with Jennifer's work, that I purchased a voucher for some Dermabraision appointments. I just had my first one last night and am thoroughly impressed. I guess the most refreshing thing about Go Bella is that noone is trying to sell you anything, no $100 creams to take home, no unrealistic expectations and no lies. I drive 20kms for each appointment which is testament to how great i think this salon is. Best thing I ever did was buy those vouchers.I WILL be back again. :)

5 months ago

I had the best set of eyelashes ever from Go Bella, and the lady who served me was absolutely wonderful! I was able to come in on a Sunday and left my children with my husband so i was able to relax, and this is usually difficult for me as i work Full time in an office through the week and also juggle my children both under 4 years old. It was really great to be able to come also for my refills on a week night also and again save on a sitter!

My eyelashes were really beautiful, put on so strait that when I went to work on the Monday all the other girls in the office said I looked amazing and now they also want to see Go Bella for her eyelash's and my sister now also wants to come with me when I go for my next refills. The session was really comfortable and warm and I was so relaxed i even fell asleep on the table. I had eyelashes once before at another lash place through a deal site coupon and had to wait months to get a booking and then came out with eyelashes that were in all kinds of directions and were awful and i had them removed within two weeks. The set i had at Go Bella lasted for 6 weeks between refills and she explained how to take care of them afterward and it seemed like the last place could care less. Overall, I am now booked in for a facial to try the LED photo rejuvenation as we saw another lady having one when I was there and her skin was glowing and she looked really happy with her two hour facial.
Until I went to Go Bella, I did not know that they also do spray tans and Gel Shellac nails, and I know where I am coming in the spring for all of my spring racing carnival one stop shop treatments. I would rec commend anyone to go to Go Bella for great service and excellent and affordable beauty treatments, and thanks to Groupon for introducing Go Bella to my attention. it was really worth the wait to get in and I do not mind booking by email only as it was easy to confirm my appointments. Thanks Go Bella!

5 months ago

I am a repeat customer to GO bella, she has does agreat job for me everytime...and gave me good advice on skin care.All the best with your venture.

5 months ago

overall i had good service.. Thanks GB for the nice work...

7 months ago

I also had a wonderful experience with getting my lashes done 3 weeks ago and most are still on! I can't wait to go back I have since purchased the 2 hour facial special, and like you I am also willing to wait my turnshow and very busy I plan to become a perm customer as well

7 months ago


Go Bella is wonderful. I initially started getting my 'glam' lash extensions just under 12 months ago and I really look forward to my refill appointments. I love my lashes and everyone else does too. Go Bella offers great value deals and makes pampering affordable to everyone.