Paraffin Wax Facial

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A new Ultra-hydration Parafin wax facial, infused with a Collagen and Elastin hydration complex booster vial, to combat super dry skin in need of some extra care. Beauty Benefits Paraffin Moisture Therapy
Paraffin wax works from both the outside in and the inside out.

Only $125.00 for this luxurious 1 hour facial

The heat from the paraffin opens the pores on the skin like a mini-sauna, allowing for the deep absorption of Depileve’s Collagen Elastin Plus, a luscious, non-greasy emulsion enriched with collagen and elastin, which deeply moisturizes the skin working from the outside in. The heat from the wax increases blood flow, renewing tissue from the inside out.

Facial Paraffin Treatments

The face is cleansed and then light moisturising cream is massaged into the skin. Two layers of warm Paraffin wax is applied to the skin using a brush. A gauze facial mask is applied to the skin and a third and fourth layer of wax is applied to this. The mask sits on the skin for up to 15 minutes and works its wonders while you experience deep relaxation. This facial promotes skin repair and increases hydration to give your face a natural glow. The wax also helps to increase circulation and stimulate the production of new, healthy skin.

The typical product used in facial treatment is:

Depileve Milk and Honey Facial Paraffin, This paraffin, enriched with milk peptides and Vitamin E, offers the ultimate in luxury.The soft scents of the milk and honey will allow your client to relax and feel the maximum benefits of the treatment.

Medical Benefits of Paraffin Heat therapy:

The use of paraffin dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. In those ancient times, the Romans would pour hot waxes on the body in preparation for massage therapy. Later the French embraced paraffin therapy by melting paraffin wax and spreading it on wounds to accelerate healing. In World War I, the British used paraffin wax therapy as a protocol to treat orthopedic disorders in military hospitals.
In modern times, paraffin therapy is quite common and widely used to aid in the treatment of conditions such as the following:
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Eczema
• Fibromyalgia
• Fibrositis
• Inflammation
• Muscle Spasms
• Overworked/Fatigued Muscles
• Psoriasis
• Scar Tissue
• Stiff Joints
• Tendonitis
• Tennis Elbow
• And more…
Paraffin therapy is also widely used in the treatment of sports related injuries and other conditions where heat therapy and exercise therapy are needed.