IPL & E Light, Radio Frequency Skin Rejuvenation

Now the latest technology in hair reduction and skin rejuvenation has arrived and available. 


IPL Hair reduction Treatments Price List per session

Face $50

Upper lip $20
Chin $30
Lip and chin $45
Sides $40
Underarms $45
Lower/ upper arms 1/2 $100
Full Arms $150
Shoulders $49
1/4 back $80
1/2 back $150
Full back $190
Bikini $55
Brazillian $60
Snail trail $40
Areola $45
Lower legs $170
Full legs $280
Buttocks $90
Feet and toes $40
Upper thighs $170

Facial rejuvenation E Light Pricing

Introduction to E-light

E-light=IPL+RF+Skin contact cooling system.
It's the new generation of beauty rejuvenation systems

Our technology combined with the functions of optical energy and electromagnetic waves adopts elective absorption of light, which will get different impedance between target tissues and abnormal skin.

It will strengthen absorption of electromagnetic of target tissues in the condition of lower light energy,
which could greatly reduce pain during treatment. OUR New E Light Technology is Painless!! Per Session prices

  • Face $105.00
  • Cheeks $55.00
  • 1/4 face $60.00
  • 1/2 Face $85.00
  • full Decollatage $105.00
    • Full Face, Neck and Decollatage $209.00 per treatment

      Treatment Applications:

      1.To remove unwanted thick or tiny hair.
      2.To make your skin tight, lifting skin, improving flexibility and tone of skin.
      3.To rejuvenate your skin:removing deep wrinkles, pigments, freckles, vascular lesions (telangiectasis) ;
      whitening skin, changing large hair pores.
      4.To remove Acne : Improving the situation of oily skin; Killing acne bacilli.


      E-light owns all advantages of traditional IPL treatment.

      No risk of burning and uncomfortable feeling caused by IPL treatment.

      Good results for blond hair, and red hair, and light-colored soft hair.

      Introduction RF part

      RF Skin Tightening Pricing Recommended 3 to 6 treatments for optimal skin tightening results!

      Full Face, Neck and Decolletage, $209.00 per treatment

      Purchase of a 3 pack will recieve a 25% discount.

      How does it work?

      When the RF energy gets into the skin,
      which stimulates the water molecules of the dermis to rub each other then make a lot of heat,
      when the temperature reach at 68-72 degrees,
      it will stimulate the dermis layer of collagen fibers immediately contract,
      and stimulate collagen reconstruction and reborn of long-term results of skin tightening.

      What should I expect?

      RF treatments will provide long lasting effects of regrowth and strengthening of your own collagen which will improve the texture of your skin, tighten loose skin and sagging areas on the face, around the eyes, and neck.
      RF will minimise or remove stretch marks,Acne and acne scars, open pore reduction remove fine lines and wrinkles and any general redness or rosacea. Overall skin tone will be enhanced to a much younger and fresher appearance. The full effects of each treatment may be seen afterward and may take 6 weeks to view the entire effect.

      1.Immediate result:when the temperature of hypoderm arrive at 68°C-72°C,

      the collagen will immediately shrink,at this time,the loose skin will lift and tighten at once.

      The fine wrinkles will disappear,the deep wrinkles will be lightened after one treatment.

      2.Long term effect:To stimulate the recombination and regrowth of collagen.

      In 2-6 months after one course treat,return you a younger and flexible skin.

      Skin care after treatment:

      1.Use some sunscreen lotion in case of sunburn.
      2.Pay attention to moisturizing your skin very often.
      3.Do not make a lot of facial expressions in the first 3 hours after a treatment
      4.Do not never go to hot place,like a Sauna or steam room, gym or spa after a treatment for at least 48 hours afterward.
      Not suitable for certain contraindications, pregnancy, lactating women, people with heart or nervous issues, people with metal plates or pins due to prior surgeries may not be suitable.