Photorejuvenation LED Facials

LED Photorejuvenation Light therapy Photofacials are the modern solution to a perfect healthy skin!

Modern and safe LED light therapy will treat many different skin issues including: acne, dark eye circles, sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines, discolorations, pigmentations, reduced pore size, and some scars and skin damage, roseaca, red spider veins, freckles, and will smooth and even skin tone while encourage your skin to grow your own collagen and elastin for an internal facelift!

Discovered by NASA by use of astronauts in the space shuttle, scientists have been using LED light therapies for years on all skin types and to heal many disorders. Different colored light treatments over a series of time and treatments long term benefits for the skin are achieved.

Perfectly safe for all skin types use of different colored pure light is used to treat different areas.

No down time walk in and out procedure.