Ladies, time to break the rules and try the latest and most popular treatment in the USA!

DERMALPLANING is creating a new wave of young and brightened skin free from villious facial hair and smooth and vibrant in texture.

Allow our skilled and highly trained professionals introduce you to the magic feeling and glow of your skin and watch you become younger looking with every seesion as we remove deep layers of skin causing fine lines and wrinkles to disappear and pigmentation and un even pores and skin tone issues to disappear.

The treatment will be suitable for all hair and skin types and may offer the benefits of facial hair removal for those who cannot do any laser or IPL treatments on the face. This safe treatment allows for deeper penetration of chemical peels and serums for super hydration and will soften the skin and create a radient complexion.

This treatment is ideal for those who do not want BOTOX or Fillers and wish to DE Age the skin and remain 100% natural without chemicals.

Call our team and learn more! Now only $250.00 per session

1 session every 6 weeks for maximum benefits and effect.

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