• IPL/E Light treatments

    Dear Go Bella Member;

    Latest and safest IPL/E Light treatments are on sale now only direct from Go Bella so spread the word! Our technology is new and painless, works on all hair and skin types and colours and medical grade!

    $99.00 for 6 sessions on 3 small areas Underarm, brazillian,lip!

    $99.00 for full legs each session

    $70.00 for 1/2 legs each session

    $250.00 for 6 x facial rejuvenation ($41.00 a visit! 6 months of treatments includes neck and decollatage)

    Acne express treatments for polycystic only $150 for 6 treatments!

    Don’t forget to book your appointment, along with your details when placing a booking via email. Please ensure you print out this email.

    If you have any questions feel free to send your query to our team will kindly assist.

    Check out the new page for all the details on this exciting new range of safe and effective body sculpting options.This monthand new to Go Bella Beauty, Ultrasonic fat Cavitation treatments and Infared Sauna!

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    "Become your beautiful best"

    Jennifer Carey


    Go Bella PTY LTD

    Phone: 90316378


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