Airbrush Make Up

Airbrush Make up has been used in Hollywood from the beginning and is the perfect porcelin finish for your make up foundation.

Used for high definition film and TV, foundations will be a perfect match and undectetable to the eye or camera lens. Airbrush make up is more hygenic as it does not touch the skin with application tools, rather it is sprayed onto the skin and is fast, easy and with long lasting results.

The foundations are silicon based and will not run, smudge, cake, or leave tear tracks or spots due to moisture on the skin. Airbrush make up lasts for up to 12 hours under bright lights or in all weather conditions and especially wears well in areas of humidity. The first choice for Bridal parties, this beautiful make up will make your day perfect!

Airbrush make up foundations a perfect match /Special Occasion/ Fantasy Make Up

Airbrush Make Up- is Perfect for High Definition film, TV, and all photographic work.
Airbrush make up applications create a flawless finish skin tone matched foundation, perfect for creating the most hygenic make up application.

Used in Hollywood from the beginning, airbrush make up is suitable for all skin types, and will last without any touch ups for over10 hours. Use of airbrush make up application is great for all humid and high temperature climates, and will not sweat off or run. No visible sponge or brush strokes wil be seen as nothing touches the skin, so airbrush make up application will create the perectly matched skin tone foundation.

Airbrush make up is blended so lightly into a matte finish; the perfect canvas for your wedding day colours and style. Using airbrush make up, all features may be sculpted and highlighted and any skin imperfections may be covered and blended. It is possible to also cover tatoos and any skin imperfections which may also need correction on the body as well.

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